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Minggu, 30 Januari 2011

Welcome To Selling Skill

BUILDING SELLING PRODUCTIVITYStage 1 : THE MARKET PLATFORMKeyword (Finding )Finding completely new leads and checking their business potential (qualifying)Activites : Segmenting the market,targeting who you want to sell to the most,finding new leads every week,making first contact with new leads,checking the potential of leads,storming information about new leads in your database.Stage 2 : THE WORKING PLATFORMKeyword ( Activating )Convincing new leads (and non active accounts) to start buying from us by developing a relationship with them and responding professionaly to their needsActivities : Telephone sales calls,sales call,writing proposals,sales presentation,following up on salles call,negotiating,quickly giving a special,creative deal to win new business,site inspection,entertaining new buyers etc.Stage 3 : BUYING PLATFORMKeyword (Maintaining and Developing)Maintaining : Increasing loyalty of active account,keeping them buying from us,not our competitorsActivities : Courtesy calls,make new program promotion,trying to win a new type business,trying to get all of business from...
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